The Plan

Vector View Front

Front View

We wanted to keep the house similar to the Urban Cabin that I fell in love with online with a few tweaks that work better for our family.  What drew me to it originally was the layout, a big open great room with private spaces for everyone, and that is what I wanted to preserve.  We changed the roof elevation, enlarged the windows, moved the laundry, added out-swinging french doors and a full size bathtub.  Plan Main FloorPlan Loft

We wanted as many large windows as we could get on the back so that we could take advantage of our view.  All of the windows on the top are casement windows that we can leave open for airflow.  We will also have electric in floor heating to keep us toasty in the winter without taking up floor space.

Vector View Back

Back View

Here are a few renderings of what I hope the interior will look like:

Vector View Kitchen

Ikea kitchen cabinets/ Samsung appliances

Vector View Living

Loft & stairs

Vector View Bath

Bathroom/ Laundry

Vector View Loft
King bed in the loft/ Ikea Kallax storage




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