Why a Tiny House?

After moving to Idaho, we thought we would quickly find the home of our dreams.  Apparently, this was it.  We bought a beautiful 5 acre parcel with a creek, backing up to thousands of acres of state land.  It was our dream.  But, it started as a bit of a nightmare.  This beautiful land also came with  a dilapidated 14′ x 70′ trailer with all of the original contents, including 7 cartons of rotten eggs and meat left in the fridge.  We were also the proud new owners of a “rustic” barn,  several cars,  boats, and hundreds of tires and random car parts.


There was a moment where we considered trying fix up the barn or trailer enough to live in for a while.  Luckily we were smart enough to quickly come to the realization that this was not an option.


None of the doors shut to the trailer, we were pretty sure that a couple of wild animals were living inside during the winter.  Seeing this gone was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

20160709_163744We (mostly my husband) spent a year knocking down the trailer and barn with our limited tools and cleaning up the massive amount of junk to be ready to build our house.

The plan was to build a 1400 square foot house, nothing crazy or extravagant, but nice.  We had a builder, we had a bank, we had jumped through all of the hoops.  We were 9 months into the process and set to break ground in only weeks when we got the bad news.  The comps for the area came back low, and we either had to come up with tens of thousands of dollars more or we couldn’t proceed.  It was both soul crushing and relieving at the same time.  As we got closer and closer to starting the build I felt like every week we were told we would have to lose something else, at this point we weren’t even getting a house we wanted and we were paying even more for it.

I couldn’t sleep a couple of nights later and I was scrolling through Pinterest when I saw the Urban Cabin by Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins.  It was the first tiny house I had seen that I thought I could actually live in with my small family.  It just felt right.

I was delighted to find out that the builder Dave Bates was located just down the road from me.  As soon as my husband woke up I floated the idea by him.  We went out to view some of Dave’s cabins that week, and within the month we began planning our own tiny cabin with Dave.  We are building something similar to the layout of the Urban Cabin but customized to fit our needs.  I don’t think we will live in the tiny house forever, but I hope that we can spend a couple of years paying off debt, and saving to build a house in the future without having to deal with a bank and we end up with an amazing guest house.  I already feel lighter knowing that we are taking steps to free ourselves from a massive mortgage.  I hope that you enjoy following our journey into tiny house living.


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